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You guys did it! It’s incredible honestly to see how far I’ve progressed within a couple months of being on Clutch. The fact you all enjoy my clips and that I love continuously giving you all to appreciate or laugh at daily. Everyone’s support has been so well appreciated and acknowledged. With so much of it coming my way I try my best to return the favor to the community. You all got me to where I am now and I know it’s probably not the biggest thing but it’s really still great to know that I have myself a great handful of supporters. You guys really are the best and are my iKONs if that isn’t cringe enough haha😂 but seriously. Thank you to everyone that’s stuck around or just recently joined the iKONIC wave. You guys are the best. I apologize for those that I’m unable or forget to return the love to. There’s so many people and it can be hard to get to everyone lol. But really thanks again and enjoy this Ela montage I made back before Ember Rise was even announced. I worked really hard on it considering I’m not the greatest player so getting massive kill feeds with the scorpion really was hard. Sadly I couldn’t grab a Ace with her but I did grab a 4K on the old Kanal that you’ll see in the montage. All clips recorded before Ember Rise buff to her Scorpion.
19 days ago
I’ll be home later tonight if u get on lmk bro @CROWNtheiKON 19 days ago
Fosho 😎@MayHakai 19 days ago
Xbox better 19 days ago
Yeah for sure @ETEAZY 19 days ago
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