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Amazing Clutch family🎉🎉 I went on a limb and gave Pathfinder a go last night with @numin99 and @bonez and I got to say he is so much fun‼️When I use the zip-line or grappling hook I feel like Tarzan!! Wow that double tap is strong, but how do you feel about the charge rifle? Overpowered? Just right? Should it be a special drop? Lemme know in the comment section below!! Enjoy the Apex montage and have a great night.

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Thank you!💯💯💯💯
7 days ago
@Bonez @Numin99 let’s run it today 6 days ago
Big facts @Bonez

Down tommorow, gotta finish for ECON @Canna710 😢
6 days ago
Let’s squad up

Sometime 😎
6 days ago
@WTFOMGioooooo oh you already know I’ll clear my schedule!! I’m off tomorrow if you are available brotha 5 days ago
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