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6 ON SCREEN🔥🔥🔥(check description)

Unfortunately this is prolly the last banger u will see from me on this game, i uninstalled bo4 today cuz i opened 75 cases and 2 weapon bribes and didnt get the new sniper and im tired of this shitty ass game. ive recently started playin over for 2weeks now so i think im gonna upload clips of that and some siege, this is the best clip ive hit so i think its a good way to go out anyway✌ 1 month ago
yo, don’t let your talent go to waste. It’s tough to snipe in this game n i takes a lot of grinding. so keep it up n forget bout the new sniper. if u keep on grinding you’ll eventually get it. 1 month ago
but nice clip, you should’ve won 1 month ago
@Vomatic yea u right i was just so pissed off at the time i just wasnt thinkin and i do think i was way to low in the challene but thanks for u comments made me feel a lil better😂😂 1 month ago
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