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19 year old PC/Xbox gamer. Rocket league/Fortnite.Tag me on your post and ill tag you on mine

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Joker RL Moments #3

Hope ya enjoyed my clips in this week's highlight moments. sorry I'm not posting as much rn but I'm trying to finish my class by next week so im busy but I will still be uploading these types of videos each WEEK. 9 months ago
want to see cool clips? check these people out:
@ThyBeardedOne @Avoora @QkAk_Twisted @PoppaSkull @CowardlyZico @Vd_DrAcoZz
9 months ago
Ugh greeeeaaaat edit bro and the music fits like 馃敟 9 months ago
Thanks doo馃 edits are looking dope 9 months ago
Thx Alot my dudes! @Lyralto @Vd_DrAcoZz gonna try my best to upload more cuz I like making them. and ya like watching them 馃敟 9 months ago
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