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Never Playing Solo Again!!!

Not gonna said nothing I am just gonna drop this Miramar Win I got today January 6 2019 Early Mornin and WalkOff Nice and Slowly 🚶 🚶......

P.S I could have stretched This clips I put together but I rather let all of ya enjoy them in one View 🤠

Song/ The Good The Bad and The Ugly: My Favorite movie ever

#ClutchWin #XboxOne #PUBG
4 months ago
Damn you had the big boi guns. M24 and a SAW? Nice kill count too👌 You clearly put them to work. 🔥 4 months ago
Lol how tf you gonna land with all the GD Christmas noobs in one bunch 🤣🤣the sickle kill had me though 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣😂 4 months ago
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