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Never Playing Solo Again!!!

Not gonna said nothing I am just gonna drop this Miramar Win I got today January 6 2019 Early Mornin and WalkOff Nice and Slowly 🚶 🚶......
P.S I could have stretched This clips I put together but I rather let all of ya enjoy them in one View 🤠
Song/ The Good The Bad and The Ugly: My Favorite movie ever
#ClutchWin #XboxOne #PUBG
10 months ago
🔥 3 months ago
I haven’t touched PUBG since I went back to R6 full time. Deagles, ledge grabs, new guns... I have an unhealthy amount of time played on that game, since it was in “Preview” and would crash my console to the point I legit thought it would explode and it looked atrocious. I want to go back, but it’s so hard to pull myself away from Siege 😕 3 months ago
@Still_Swayze I get it I will love to play PUBG as much as I want to but the maps no loading properly really makes me mad and feels like I am wasting my day but still when I get me a good squad is PUBG all day until I get sick off it 3 months ago
@DrCovfefe You running on a base One or PS4? It’s smooth as butter on my One X. Fucking apples and oranges. I think I have some clips kicking around from me destroying kids back when it was still in preview, though. I’ll see if I can dig some up for shits and giggles 😁 3 months ago
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