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Montage + Announcement

Sup clutchers, so today I made a new team on here called What Legends Are Made Of and I am also the leader of the B0SS team if you didn't know. I made this team to try to assemble the best players on the app, not just the most popular, I want this team to show some amazing gameplay at all times. For now I am the sole admin and I am adding individuals that I believe show clear skill, in any game. If you think you have what it takes to be on the team then send me a DM, also open to suggestions for new members. if the team grows then manager roles may be assigned. Looking forward to potentially ushering in a fantastic team for this app to showcase.

Anyway here's a montage of some solo fights I've had lately.

Thank you for taking a moment to watch I appreciate it! Do you want to see more OUTSTANDING clips? Then hit this hashtag #TheTastelessGentlemen or go follow our team on clutch called "Tasteless Gents"

Current TTG Roster

----> @TTG_B1G_TuNa @TTG_Bareback @TTG_Damageplan @TTG_Diablo @TTG_Diirtbagg @TTG_Tupac313 @TTG_Frankscroll

Hang out with me on stream! Drop by and chat with me or......

Request me to stream via Direct message!

No set hours yet https://www.twitch.tv/DubbleJumpChump

Turn post notifications on if you don't want to miss any clips, I love me some reposts too 😎

Happy gaming everyone keep it CLUTCH baby!
1 day ago
Go check out these Savage thirsty Bois, they are the Thirst Gang!

@TGDOOMSlayer @TGDatDude4j @TGxAlexBrutal @TG_UNI @TGQuickSilver @TGSQUANCHY @TGTHEONE2187 @TGBASSGOD @TGFxi
1 day ago
Some other homies to check out cuz they have top tier content too

@PTKxSixtySevenX @DrDankinDonuts @RealityKingz @Lvl3Goldfish @STEAM @Nxlir @JayyDogg @DrCovfefe @KenTTuna
1 day ago
I appreciate the invite dude! Means a lot 🔥🙏🏼 1 day ago
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