Ghostkillah707 (Malcom Clark)

Thee one and only 🤘🏾....just a 26yr old from California who loves gaming 🏆top poster for Battlefield 5

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The comeback!! Sorry haven’t been on over here in California we’ve been in a blackout for a week

Can’t tell but all those fast forward parts I was being hunted by 2 or 3 different squads and I led them all back to eachother ao I could get squad banners My heart was pounding that hole time if I wasn’t mirage I couldn’t have pulled that off even my squad was like “how the hell did you pull that off lol” may have been the music in my earphones that helped me get it done just went with the flow of the beat #MusicInMySoul 22 days ago
Going to post on my YouTube as well the extended version I had to skip through it all to be able to post on twitter so I could post on here also will have another project coming out soon I got lots of clips to go through I’m saving for project making 21 days ago
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