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Story Time Read Description #Repost

I was born with a disability called arthrogryposis ( locked joints ) I have created this persona & held it for years making people think that I’m perfectly normal, Why ? Because of insecurity problems I play Xbox cross handed & I press the triggers with my legs I would’ve never thought about telling anyone about my differences but family told me I should be myself & let people know wassup I live a normal life just like the rest of you I just do things differently I’ve never thought of having the courage to actually stream with a cam but I’ve started to I’m not on a schedule yet but I do stream everyday I’m not asking for anyone’s money just asking for you to stop by & say wassup or stop by & chill aha it took a lot out of me to let people know what happened but hey you never know until you try


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The likes I’ve been getting have been insane I appreciate it so much can we get 30+ likes on this one

Want to play or just hmu here are my social media’s below

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Rainbow six siege



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7 months ago
I’ll repost for ya 7 months ago
Thank you so much 👏🏽 let's play sometime 😊 @Red 7 months ago
Thank you for sharing! I know it must mean a lot for you to put yourself out there like that. Your voice was heard 💖 7 months ago
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