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(Must see) Double Cross Map Tomahawk🤦‍♂️

Getting 9+ kills it’s cool and all but have y’all gotten something like this before? Let me know..⚔️🤯🎯 1 year ago
@thajoka18 i don’t think imma be buying that game until it’s like $40 to $30 and I’m really thinking not to buy it at all tbh. I’m just done with Activision at this point bro. 2 months ago
damnnn... I'll beta it for you lol that is after I play the shit out Gears 5. 2 months ago
@thajoka18 lmao thanks. I miss y’all mfs. I can’t wait to get back yo!😠😤 2 months ago
cant wait to see some content and finally run a game wit chu!! 2 months ago
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