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Old School 1v1 👀⚠️

This guy is a beast, he plays with a mouse and keyboard on PC and just absolutely melts kids 6 days ago
got dang man! bolt action ? and still murdering that dude! lol. I just don't get it. I mean come on the knife too 😂. was he a noob or something? 4 days ago
I won the first game but he beat me the other 2 lol, he’s a beast don’t sleep on him @stronzo77 4 days ago
@Grrr_Im_A_Shark no way man I don't sleep in anyone . anyone can beat anyone any day. I was more impressed by the bolt action skills. I can't ever snipe like that lol 4 days ago
True, & sniping is so smooth in this game I love it @stronzo77 4 days ago
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