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Here I like to show fun and cool clips on many games like MK11, Apex Legends, Sonic Mania, and more!

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Featured clips

My MK Kombos list (Sub Zero)

A bit of these were possible thanks to my legit AI who taught me how to do some of the chains. Hope you like this since it is my first clip on my account!
Message me if you want the kombo inputs.
5 months ago
Read the Description if you haven’t. Since you guys liked my MK11 video, Ima post another one for you guys! Coming in about 10 minutes. 5 months ago
Hey man! Welcome to clutch, nice to see another sub zero! 5 months ago
Oh nice! You main Master Blueberry Ice too?! Hope to see some nice MK11 posts from you! 5 months ago
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