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💯Never give up without a fight💯 😄I play Overwatch, Apex, Fortnite, Paladins, TF2, COD4, R6S, Destiny 2, World War Z, GTA V, etc...✌🥰

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🐷The Butcher is here🐷!!!🤘🥰🤘"My 1st Montage"🥰

🥰I just play Roadhog for fun sometimes & 😍the butcher skin is sooooo cuuuuute
😂btw, it's so sad this took me all day yesterday to make🤣idk wtf I was doing but finally I got it lmfao...😊so I hope this montage looks alright atleast😅I couldn't get all my clips that I wanted on here✌😌oh wellsy lol
Clip 1 "Try me!!! This is Sparta!!!💪👺🔥"
Clip 2 "😆Ahhhhhh!!!"
Clip 3 "😤Please get off my point, 😂especially you Genji"
Clip 4 "💪😎Taking out the 3 main problems & that hook though😏🤙"
Clip 5 "😭Notice me Senpai Orisa!!!!"
Clip 6 "Old Clip of Mystery Heroes & Rein was being so predictable";👏😭❤ one of my best games ever!!!🥰I also had 7 other potg moments😏my highest hook accuracy is 91%💪😎🎣💀oh yeah
4 months ago
Great montage! I especially loved the hook pull into the pit death. 👍👍 4 months ago
@lucifer_Ymir 💪😎🔥thanks so much...I've just started playing him alot more😂mainly because I need to heal myself literally, those dps healers are amazing lol 4 months ago
@lowgain 👊😎🔥thank you, 😊truly...😈the best part is when people see me coming they start running👏🤣I love it 4 months ago
@LadyTajmeow 😃I know right 🤗he is a great character to play✌😊❤really glad you enjoy the montage 4 months ago
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