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Love some video games! Currently Overwatch and Apex. Go follow my amazing husband @Avoid (Fortnite24/7), we post some cool stuff sometimes. 🙃

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10k dubbbbb. 🔥🔥

Got a 10k Blackout dub earlier. Shit was CRAZY. Got the last 4 kills of the match too. Hands were shaky. Haha.

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Go follow my amazing husband @Avoid , he has some pretty dope content!

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10 months ago
post notifs on! You were already destined to win from the start, they had no chance 💀😅 10 months ago
🔥🔥🔥10k dub now that’s what I’m talking about keep it up@MsAvoided 10 months ago
Thanks @NoX_Prometheus 🙏🏻 10 months ago
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