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RaZd Clan Teamtage | AySmithayFX

I hope you all enjoy this teamtage I made for RaZd Clan. They are a big Instagram team, so make sure to check them out on Instagram at RaZd_Clan.

Stay tuned for more edits coming from both Noble Society and RaZd Clan!

Audio - Go To Mars - PnB Rock

I use Sony Vegas Pro 16 and Adobe After Effects!

Make sure to follow my twitch, Instagram, and youtube all located on my profile!

Turn on those post notifications for future edits!🙏🏼

Don’t forget to show love to my clutch family!

@NobleDeeks @Elusive @xAbyss @Drakeules @NobleDisciple @Flumie @BennyXD @Noble_Pacs @NobleNicks @NobleSulley @Noble_Z
2 months ago
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