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EA PLAY 19 was my Nerd Paradise 🤓❤️🎮🌴

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EA Play was a blast! I was two gaming stations down from Dr Disrespect👀🤭🙀 while trying out the new legend Wattson! She is so much fun to use and is such an op support legend. I wish I could’ve recorded my gameplay but y’all will see soon enough! This was such a cool experience from the amazing legend cosplay to the real life Skulltown ☠️ This is an experience that wouldn’t have happened without Clutch and my amazing friend @QJBeat for taking me along on this true nerd adventure! Thanks for all of the continued love ❤️ everyone 💋💋

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3 months ago
Awesome. 3 months ago
So cool 3 months ago
Looked like fun, glad you had a great time!🤙🏻 3 months ago
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