Pestilence (Verified 鉁旓笍)

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馃挵Minty Pickaxe Codes馃挵

Picked up my codes today and I鈥檝e already sold 4 today leaving 4 left at $20 a piece. DM me if you鈥檙e interested. They鈥檙e $20 because I need to break even but also because I鈥檝e found people on Twitter selling them for $25-35. It鈥檚 a purple rarity which is $15 plus $5 for me going out of my way to purchase merch for the codes which wasn鈥檛 cheap due to my Gamestop not having small items. Unless you鈥檙e interested do not comment or ask for a free code. Anyone who purchases a code will be shouted out on my page, followed on all social media鈥檚 and of course receive their code. PayPal only. 14 days ago
I wasn鈥檛 trying to be I just didn鈥檛 want negativity I always love positivity sorry @daddy_luurts and also @Pestilence 9 days ago
Lmao why are you @ ing both of them 9 days ago
All good fellas @CowboyzMvp23 @daddy_luurts 9 days ago
@Pestilence Kids be desperate for anything without paying money 2 days ago
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