Qwaig (Sean McCuaig)

PUBG - 5k+ kills, 130+ wins, 2.1+ KD. Trying to bring you guys some quality content. Thanks for checking out the channel 馃憤

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2 shots 2 kills then full squad wipe

@blaziinbongz still a better sniper than you fam. But you got me with pretty much every other gun 馃槀馃槀 @Vexxor 9 months ago
@YaBoiTurbo bloodhound wbu bro 9 months ago
I鈥檝e been rocking with wraith the most you can get insane flanks but I got a 14 bomb with Bangalore 9 months ago
Rob got a 19k game straight insane 9 months ago
Damn I鈥檝e only gotten a couple 10鈥檚 and I heard about rob. Been playing with him, we鈥檝e won about 10 games atleast together 9 months ago
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