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Thank you so much for 50k followers ! Here’s a little something with the Mozambique

I can’t thank you guys enough for all the follows and support. I love you all!!! Here’s a 4 piece Mozambique squad wipe 😂🔥❤️

🌟Don’t forget to hit that bell🔔 so you never miss a clip!


🌟🌟Check out my Twitch 🖥 for some Live content and daily streams! (TtvSniperXBL)


🌟🌟🌟Spam like/reposts and I’ll do the same ♻️
6 days ago
Congrats sniper. You deserve it and u deserve a medal or at least a cookie for using that Mozambique😂 if u had a wingman that would have been twice as fast to kill those guys. 6 days ago
Couldn’t have said it better 🤣 ^ 6 days ago
Congrats tho my guy, keep grinding 🤧🤘 6 days ago
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