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Warm Up Routine?

Need a routine to take you to the next level?

Try out this one!

Training Pack

Redirect Consistency by Red

• 9D8F-7799-B10C-9CD6

Wall to Air Dribble

• 5A65-4073-F310-5495

20 Minutes in Slow Mode

20 Minutes in Normal Mode

10 Minutes in Redirects

10 Minutes in Aerials

1 Hour of practice/warm up

Shoutout to my Crew






Shoutout to the top supporters!




Comment your thoughts whether I should make more videos like these which are more about information or tips, would mean a lot if you commented your thoughts!
2 days ago
Warming up before playing 100% helps :) 2 days ago
Thanks for the shoutout Syw 2 days ago
Good tips, and nice air dribbles! 2 days ago
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