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Some Men Have No Honor 👿 (Just Watch)

so this dude was signalling a pan fight for the win, I didn't have a pan so I let him know I'd be down to punch it out, THIS MF takes his gun out and shoots me down to half health! charges at me and I just hip fire him for the win 😎

don't be so greedy next time mister 😂

I know I said I'm gonna try to get back on my posting schedule but I've done a bad job at that, sorry. enjoy!

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9 days ago
Go check out these Savage Players, Thirst Gang And Hella Entertainment Squad!

Thirst Gang:

@DOOM @TGDatDude4j @UNI @TGFxi

The Hella Entertainment Squad:

@HellaSponge @HellaHits @HellaJoints @HellaMythic @HellaButter
9 days ago
Some other homies to check out cuz they have top tier content too

@ZH4V @Nickalite247 @EZbangs @Covbeast @STEAM @Nxlir @DrCovfefe @Ajaxtheripper
9 days ago
That’s some low down shit. Glad you put him down. 9 days ago
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