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First COD Montage!

got some ground war clips in here and some gunfight clips, end it off with a pubg clip haha, haven't been playing pubg at all since cod came out 😂🤭 2 days ago
Check out my boys, The Tasteless Gentlemen 🎩🧐
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@TTG_B1G_TuNa @TTG_Bareback @TTG_Damageplan @TTG_Diablo @TTG_Diirtbagg @TTG_Frankscroll @TTG_Sideways @TTG_OVERD0S3D
Come hang out with me on stream! Drop by and chat with me or...... Request me to stream via Direct message!
We see alot of people are wanting to join the Gentlemen! It's not easy to get in on this team we don't just accept anyone we keep our circle small, buttttttt if you want to keep in touch, You can join our discord!
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2 days ago
Dope❄️ 2 days ago
why thank you 🙇‍♂️ 2 days ago
HELL YEAH! We'll Smash more today! 2 days ago
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