TheSilverShot (Cody Laws)

All Around Gamer👍 Always happy to help and repost any who ask🥤💥 Always down to play with whoever and willing to answer any questions anyone may have, just HMU. 👌💪🏼

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👏Respect my Personal Space👏

I consider anyone shooting at me or my squad mates as invading my personal space. So keep that in mind next time you see me 😜 I hope you all enjoy the video and like follow and repost for the same love! 💪🏼
#ThirstGang #TGCLAN #Xbox #PUBG
Current Roster: @DOOM @TGDatDude4j @TGxAlexBrutal @UNI @TGQuickSilver @TGSQUANCHY @TGTHEONE2187 @TGBASSGOD @TGFxi
3 months ago
@BLUNT2MYLIPS904 lol thanks bro I’m thinking of making it featured to my page again 😂 3 months ago
Dude do it! Lol it’s perfect..I wish I could make intros like these 🤦🏻‍♂️ 3 months ago
@BLUNT2MYLIPS904 it’s easy man. Just message me if you have any questions 3 months ago
Fiya 🔥🔥🔥 2 months ago
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