You’ve told us in many surveys, reviews, and emails that the community we have on Clutch is special. Specifically, you’ve told us that it’s more friendly and supportive than other gamer communities you’ve joined. We think this shows how important the community is to you and that you care deeply about it. We want to help you make our community the best it can be, especially as it grows.

The following list represents a small–but critical–slice of the behaviors we see in the very best members of our community:

Be friendly and have fun. If you’re friendly in your posts and comments you’re more likely to get friendly responses and everyone will enjoy the app more.

Welcome new users. Thousands of new users sign up for the app every day. A positive comment on their first post is the best way to show a new user how special the Clutch community is (and you might just find a new fan).

Don’t trash posts you don’t like Think twice before you leave a mean or sarcastic comment (especially if you don’t know the person). Most fights on the app start with a single negative comment.

Don’t hesitate to block and report. Block and report toxic users and delete their  negative comments from your posts. Don’t wait for it to get out of hand before taking action. If you’ve never blocked anyone before, you may be surprised at how much more effective it is than that “clever” response you just thought of.

Don’t bully, threaten, harass, or try to offend anyone. This one should be obvious, but remember it doesn’t matter who did it first. If you do any of these things you will most likely be banned or have your account suspended.

Share feedback with the developers. We’re doing our best, but we know we don’t always get it right. We know you care about the app and we want to hear your ideas, concerns and bug reports. Email us at or join our Discord to get in touch anytime.