Clutch supports a variety of different sources to help you import your game captures.

To get started, open the importer by tapping the + icon in the center of the app navigation bar.

With the importer opened, use the menu to select the source you want to import from. You may need to tap the down arrow in the title bar to open the menu first.

You will be prompted to connect your associated account if it wasn’t connected already. You may briefly leave the app in order to complete the connection process.

Once your account has been connected, you should see a preview and grid of captures to choose from. Select the capture you want to import and tap Next to continue the import process.

If a grid of captures does not appear after selecting your account, you may need to perform additional setup depending on the source:

Xbox Live – See Where are my Xbox captures? for details.

PlayStation – PS4 clips cannot be imported directly (upload them to Facebook or Twitter first). See Where are my PS4 clips? for details.

OneDrive – Make sure your capture files use the mp4 file extension and you have waited at least 5 minutes after uploading them.

Facebook – Facebook occasionally marks PS4 videos as spam, making them inaccessible to Clutch. You may be able to work around this by reuploading them from a PC.