Beginning to stream can be daunting. There are thousands of streamers all competing for viewers and attempting to set themselves apart from everyone else.

That’s why we’re going to show you some of things you need to do to become a successful Twitch Streamer. Let’s do it!

Steps for Becoming a Twitch Streamer

We’re going to go into all the details below, but here are the basic steps to follow:

  1. Pick the right equipment
  2. Set up your Twitch Dashboard
  3. Focus on your theme/personality
  4. Consider your audience
  5. Stream at a consistent time

These steps will give you a great foundation of things to consider before streaming on Twitch. And if you’d prefer to watch a video on this instead, we have just the thing for you!

There’s a lot to know before you get started streaming on Twitch, so read on for more!

Equipment You Need

The first thing to consider is equipment. I wouldn’t get too hung up on on having the latest and greatest top of the line accessories that the big streamers use. I would stick to the basics:

  1. A Webcam
  2. Computer/Console
  3. Microphone/Gaming Headset

The idea here is just to get up and running. So many streamers get bogged down looking into equipment and options that they never begin. Just start, you can and will improve your stream over time. 

Twitch Dashboard

Along with equipment I recommend familiarizing yourself with the Twitch Creator Dashboard. Twitch has spent a lot of time creating tools that help creators. One of my personal favorite is the “Marker” feature.

This feature allows you to set timestamps while you stream so you can go back later and clip out your highlights you want to use for clips or videos. This is just one example of a lot am amazing features the Twitch Creator Dashboard has. 

Your Theme/Personality

Every successful streamer on Twitch has a personality and theme to their stream. You need to decide what yours is going to be. This doesn’t mean that you need to develop a persona like Dr. Disrespect, but you do need to think about your personality and making sure it comes through genuinely in your stream.

It might be helpful to think about why people are coming to YOUR channel to see YOU. Will you be a variety streamer, or stick to one game? Are you a Character streamer? Maybe you only listen to one genre of music, or play one genre of game (sports, shooters etc). 

The important thing to think about here is what sets you apart from the noise that is Twitch. What makes you special? Remember, unless you’re a “pro” player, viewers are not tuning in or returning to watch your game-play, they’re tuning in to see you be you.


Hand in hand with the theme of your Twitch stream is your audience. You need to determine who your target audience is and how they are going to find you. If you’re going to be heavy into Fortnite, your audience is most likely going to be younger. If you stream Rainbow Six Siege you’re audience is probably older. 

Another thing to consider is where your audience is coming from? Have you built a Facebook or Instagram following? How about a killer YouTube channel? Your giant Instagram following isn’t going to follow you over to Twitch just because you tell them to. You will need to tailor your stream to entice them. 

If you haven’t built an audience anywhere else and are expecting to gain all of your viewers from Twitch, it can be really hard to find success.

Twitch is a terrible search engine. Thousands of people are streaming to Twitch every day with 0 viewers. It’s just the reality that is Twitch. It’s hard to grow.

You can make it a lot easier on yourself if you take the time to build up an audience elsewhere. Whether it’s the app, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or any other platform, building an audience somewhere else and bringing them over to Twitch is the best strategy right now to grow your channel.   

Knowing who your audience is and what their likes and dislikes are will help you more easily make connections with viewers when they jump into your channel. This will help you grow and make the stream a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Stream Time

After you understand your target audience you need to pick a stream time. Ideally you would want this time to be when YOUR AUDIENCE is most available to watch (maybe after school or before work). If your target audience is international, you’ll need to stream early mornings or late nights to accommodate them. 

Whatever time you decide on, make sure you pick a time that allows you to stream consistently. One of the fastest ways to kill your channel is to not show up for a few days, stream and then go missing for another week.

Viewers are creatures of habit. If someone is free and browsing Twitch at 3pm when they see your stream today, chances are that’s when they’ll be on tomorrow.

The time you choose to stream is just as important as anything else discussed here, and ensuring that it’s the right time for your audience and that it’s consistent will go a long way to determining your success as a Twitch Streamer.  

Final Thoughts

Your average streamer, or person thinking about streaming, thinks they can just turn on a game, start playing it and they will be successful on Twitch.

They don’t think about what it is that makes a stream successful. If you begin your Twitch streaming journey by thinking about the topics we’ve covered here you begin with a major advantage over everyone who hasn’t.

Streaming successfully on Twitch is difficult, but rewarding. Starting out with a well thought out plan will help ensure that you are able to have the success you desire. Go get em!

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