For some, streaming is a hobby. For others, it’s something we aspire to do full time. But whether you’re trying to build up your Twitch channel because you’d like to build a community, or because you’re hoping to earn a living from streaming, one thing all streamers have in common is we would all love to have more followers.

Having a big number of followers can make streaming more fun, and having real people to interact with can be entertaining or motivating.

Those followers can tip or donate directly to you, helping you to earn money from streaming. And, they can help you catch the attention of sponsors, advertisers, or eSports teams.

But gaining followers doesn’t happen automatically. That’s why we put together 4 easy steps you can take to gain more followers. We’ll go into more detail below, but here’s the rundown:

4 Steps to Get More Twitch Followers

  1. Highlight your clips
  2. Improve your stream quality/interaction
  3. Be strategic/market your stream
  4. Collaborate with other streamers

There will always be new tips and hacks to get more Twitch followers, but these 4 basic steps will be the most effective and reliable over time. Each of these steps are easy for anyone to implement, so read on for more!

Step 1: Highlight Your Clips

Every stream you will have clips worth saving. These clips can be used to highlight your stream. Did something funny happen? How about something crazy? What was your reaction?

Every time you stream, highlight one or two instances and edit them down into a clip you can share on social media.

Then, next time you go live, use these clips to let everyone know you are live. These clips will highlight your uniqueness, your humor or your engagement and show people why they should be watching you. The right clips can go viral and attract many new viewers to your stream.

Step 2: Improve your Stream (Quality and Interactivity)

One of the easiest ways to get more Twitch followers is to work on your stream quality. This includes both the overall look and presentation of your stream but also the level and quality of interaction you have with the viewers.

What is a user’s experience when they come into stream. Are they greeted? How are they greeted? What do they see? When someone hits the follow button do you have high quality videos and sounds playing? Is it entertaining?

If you need help or inspiration for ideas look at other successful streamers. Watch how they interact with their audience. See what effects and sounds they use and what other features they utilize to increase the quality of their streams.

As streamers we can all work on being more engaging and thoughtful in our interaction with viewers. Improvement here can ensure that you not only get more followers, but that they become super fans, and continue to return and promote your stream to others.

Step 3: Be Strategic/Market Your Stream

Strategy is something that so many streamers overlook. Do you have one? If you’ve never developed a streaming strategy we highly encourage you to do so. The following questions can help you create a strategy for your channel that will enable you to get more Twitch followers.

  1. Are you playing a game that enables you to get the most amount exposure to the most amount of people? Is the game you’re playing so saturated that you’re just getting lost in the noise?
  2. What about your stream title? If a user is browsing streams does your title entice them to click on your stream over someone else?
  3. Is the time your streaming helping you get more viewers? Is there a better time? Are you being consistent with your stream time?
  4. Finally, is the theme of your channel unique? Is it something that sets you apart from other streamers?

Be strategic with your stream. Put some thought into it and develop a strategy, and you will see results: you will begin to get more Twitch followers.

Step 4: Collaborate

Collaboration with other streamers and content creators is a great way to expose yourself to other audiences. There are thousands of other creators in the same boat as you, doing everything they can to grow their audiences, so why not share your audiences?

Here are a few ways you could collaborate with other streamers:

  1. Set aside one day a week to play with other streamers
  2. Do a guest appearance on a podcast or a YouTube channel
  3. Interview other creators live on your stream
  4. Regularly guest write on blogs related to your gaming community

The key with collaboration is to put yourself out there. This might seem intimidating at first, but trust me when I say, it’s worth it. Collaboration is easily one of the fastest ways to grow your Twitch following.

Final Thoughts

Another way to get more Twitch followers is to utilize apps like Clutch. Clutch is social media for streamers. You can connect with your community in a way that no other social media platform lets you. Show off your own gaming clips and highlight clips from members of your community.

Clutch enables you to put your highlights to work, build your brand, remind your fans why they love your content and connect with them as a gamer. Being successful on Twitch is all about making these kind of connections that will help you get more Twitch followers.

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