You’ve set up your YouTube gaming channel, and you’re filling it with amazing content. There’s just one problem: No one is there to watch it.

Sound familiar?

To become top talent on YouTube, you need an audience of fans. That means you must learn how to get subscribers.

Does it take time? Absolutely. And is that time well spent? You bet.

Once you know how to grow a YouTube gaming channel, you could become an industry influencer. And that comes with all sorts of perks, including free equipment, access to new releases (before anyone else), and sweet cash to spend on anything you want.

We’ll teach you how to:

  1. Use the same tactics used by famous YouTube gamers.
  2. Grow your YouTube gaming channel with search.
  3. Grow your YouTube gaming channel with promotion.
  4. Become a successful YouTube gamer by working connections.
  5. Make a standout YouTube gaming channel with calendars. 

We’ll break down each of these for you, so keep reading.

How to Become a Famous YouTube Gamer: Tell Your Fans What You Want

The first step in learning how to make a successful YouTube gaming channel is to learn how to ask for what you want. That means telling your visitors what to do each time they come to visit your videos.

We’ve seen gamers use this technique very effectively, and some of them have the biggest follower counts in the business. All of these pros start off their videos with something that sounds like this: “Welcome to today’s video! Before we get started, let’s tackle a bit of housekeeping. Click on the ‘Subscribe’ button below, and then hit the little bell. That way, you will get notified as soon as another vid hits the stream. Thanks!”

Don’t assume that your viewers know how to follow you without an explicit set of instructions. And ask them for the follow! The worst thing that could happen is that they’ll ignore your advice.

How to Grow Your YouTube Gaming Channel With Search: Use Keywords

You may think of YouTube as a collection of videos. In reality, it’s a search engine. In fact, experts say YouTube tackles more than 3 billion searches per month, which makes it a bigger for searches than Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and AOL combined. 

That means you have to use some of the tactics experts use to get to the top of search engine results on Google when you’re working on YouTube. So you need to learn more about finding good keywords.

Experts suggest that finding keywords starts and ends within YouTube. Go to YouTube, and then:

  • Look at the search box at the top of the page.
  • Start typing what you’re covering in your video.
  • Write down the terms that come up as suggestions.

These automatic suggestions are keywords. They are the phrases YouTube thinks people will use when they’re looking for vids like yours.

So you’re aware of the terms you should use. Where should you put them? Pop those keywords here:

  • The title of your video. Expand on that kernel of a phrase with a bit of your own creativity. For example, instead of “My Latest Minecraft Parody,” try something with zip, like “I Tried a Minecraft Parody. It Didn’t Go Well.”
  • The description box. Always use this space to tell your viewers what you’re about to show them. And place a keyword in here too!
  • Your tags. YouTube will ask you to add a few tags to your vids. Good tags for YouTube gaming are those keywords you came up with. Add them all!

How to Grow a YouTube Gaming Channel With Promotion: Don’t Be Shy

Researchers say that minutes count when it comes to YouTube. If you can convince people to watch your video as soon as it goes live, YouTube will believe it’s important and valuable. That gives you a better chance of having your video show up as recommended.

How can you make sure that people know when your video goes live? You need to promote your video. As soon as you publish your YouTube video, head to your other social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter. Share your link, and encourage your followers to check it out.

Experts suggest that you should leave your shy self at the door when it comes to promotions. Don’t be shy about asking your friends and family members to watch your video. Go to blogs that relate to your subject, and share a link to your YouTube video.

How to Be a Successful YouTube Gamer via Connections: Engage Your Fans and Collaborate With Other Publishers

Never forget that people are watching your videos, and that you have the ability to talk with them individually. Few gamers take advantage of this opportunity, experts say, and it could be your secret weapon.

Ask your viewers to tap a comment while they’re watching your video. Then, head back to those comments throughout the week and write your own reactions. Answer questions, thank people for their time, and otherwise be your engaging self.

Take collaboration even further by reaching out to other YouTube publishers. See if someone similar to you would like to appear on one of your videos. Or offer to be a guest on a channel you appreciate. If you both share the results of your work, you could reach a new audience of viewers, experts say.

How to Make a Successful Gaming YouTube Channel With Calendars: Stick to Your Schedule

Your devoted fans should know when you’re about to drop something amazing. Make it happen by creating a calendar and sticking to it.

Your calendar could be simple. You could spell out when you publish (even the time when you publish should be nailed down, experts say). If you’re planning to share many different types of content (gaming on Monday, satire on Tuesday, new releases on Wednesday, etc.), write all that down too.

Just make sure you stick to the rules you create, so your loyal fans are never disappointed.


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