If you’re reading this, then chances are you want to start a gaming clan. If not, that’s pretty weird. Stop procrastinating and get back to work!

Making a gaming clan is as simple as getting a group of people together. But like most things, it is easier said than done. Before you begin, there are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself. 

What game will you play?

If you’re planning to start a gaming clan, you should focus most of your efforts around a single game. This will cut down on confusion, and allow for much easier team play. When all members of a clan play the same game, everyone knows what to expect, and there is a higher chance of success.

Besides, if your clan plays like eight games, when it’s time to compete, you’ll lose to the clans that focused their time on one game.

Once your clan has some wins under its belt, branching out to other games is more feasible. This doesn’t apply to ALL gaming clans though. Next we will discuss the two main types of clans.

ESports Team or Gaming Community?

This is the most defining characteristic of your clan. Do you plan to compete or are you just looking for like minded gamers?

When building an ESports team, the skill level of prospective members must be taken into account. This is potentially the most important factor. When building a gaming community, the personality of prospective members is most important.

Nobody wants to deal with that arrogant ***hole in a raid, but that same ***hole is easier to put up with if they slay out in trials of the nine.

Size Matters


Remember those Subway ads?

Thats what she said. All jokes aside, the size of your clan is very important. Like most things, your choice will differ based on the type of clan you are planning. 

Esports Team Size

If you’re planning to compete as an ESports team, you do not want your roster to be large. Most competitive teams are rarely larger than 4-6 players with 10 being the upper limit.

The more people you add, the more time is spent building team synergy and learning style of play. Stick to a core few, and grow as a unit.  

Gaming Community Size

The answer is in the name. Recruit as many people as you want! You are building a small community of gamers that share your interests!

This has its benefits and its drawbacks. The more people in your clan, the more friends you have! With that said, a clan with 100s of gamers means less meaningful connections over time. That isn’t to say you won’t make lasting friendships, but it will be very difficult to get to know everyone. 

What should I be looking for?

You guessed it, your choices in this department will differ based on the type of clan you are starting. If you ignore everything up until this point, take this next part seriously.

Good ESports Team Member Traits

When recruiting for your pro gaming clan, there are a few traits every member must have in order for the collective unit to be successful.

  1. Professional – This one should go without saying. Sure its a game, but you should take it seriously if you have any dreams of success. Treat your game of choice like you would your job. Because it ultimately is one. High level competitive play is absolutely a job.
  2. Confident – This is where egos can flare up. In the competitive arena, tensions can get high, and you need to be able to play under pressure. Remember earlier when I said it’s easier to tolerate an ***hole if they are good? Would you want a nice guy with low skills responsible for winning that sudden death 1v1?  
  3. Skilled – This is another obvious one. All the confidence in the world means nothing if you can’t back it up. Spend some real time playing with prospects to ensure that their skill is genuine. 
  4. Passionate – This may seem silly, but if you want to succeed in ESports, you have to LOVE the game you plan to play. How many NFL players hate football? Im sure there are a few, but they are the exception not the rule. (water boy gif here)

Good Gaming Community Member Traits

When recruiting to make your own clan, the desired traits differ greatly from ESports.

  1. Kind – This is seriously the most important trait when recruiting for a gaming community. I have personally seen a few bad apples rot an entire community from the inside out. Leave your ego and animosity at the door. The goal of a gaming community is to avoid the potential toxicity of strangers by surrounding yourself with gamers who share your ideals. 
  2. Social – Chances are the quiet types aren’t even looking for a clan to join. With that said when considering gamers to reach out to, consider how well they communicate with strangers. A BIG part of why gaming communities are successful are their welcoming environments. If you know someone keeps to themself and is reluctant to speak to new people, they might not be the best fit.
  3. Agreeable – If a gamer cannot compromise, they are a ticking time bomb. Video games love to present us with choices. As gamers we enjoy feeling like we have control over the experience. You can see how this would suck if a member of the clan is unwilling to talk things out amongst the group before making decisions
  4. Available – I totally get that people have lives. But if you play 1 game with someone, recruit them, and never see them again, did they really join? Your clan must be active and filled with members who play frequently. Inactivity from key members can kill a clan faster than toxicity will.

So now what?

Now all you need to do is get organized! That is where Clutch comes in! Using our “Teams” feature you can build your roster, and have prospective members share their clips!

This will foster that sense of community and cohesion you want for both ESports and Gaming Communities alike. There are thousands of other like minded gamers on Clutch. What are you waiting for? Jump in, build your team, and become the next big Gaming Clan!

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