If you’ve always wondered how to make a Let’s Play video, you’re not alone. Gamers everywhere read stats about people watching 50 billion hours of YouTube gaming content, and they want a piece of that action. 

You may not be the next PewDiePie, but you could get a decent fan base started. You’ll need those fans if you hope to nail big sponsorships and make money from your gaming hobby down the line. 

Know that these projects take time and a bit of an investment. Your viewers deserve nothing less.

Let’s dive into the details about how to make Let’s Play videos, so you’re ready to get started.

Invest in the Right Equipment 

In case you’re not sure about what a Let’s Play video is, let’s clear things up. During a Let’s Play, people can watch you play a video game while you talk about what’s happening and how you feel about it. People can watch the action, your face, or both. To capture the game and your amazing self, you’ll need the right equipment. 

A basic Let’s Play video setup consists of:

  • A game-ready computer. Your computer comes with all sorts of things you’ll need for a filming project, including a camera. And the footage you capture can be edited on this very same device. Use your computer for the quickest path to filmmaking success. 
  • A headset. Remember that commentary? You’ll need to record it as you play, and you’ll need to keep your words away from the noises the game makes. A headset makes that easy. 
  • Software. You’ll need a computer program that can record all the action. After the game ends, you’ll need to slice and dice the footage to create drama and tension. If you’re a beginner, a program like D3D Gear might help. If you’re more advanced, you might prefer OBS Studio

Can you record a Let’s Play video from a gaming console? Can you use different software? Absolutely.

The options available to capture both your face and the action are endless. But each configuration should include:

  • A camera. 
  • A headset (or microphone plus headphones).
  • Video-editing software.

If you don’t like our setup, and you’d rather mix and match one of your own, feel free! Just don’t forget any of these pieces. 

How to Create a Let’s Play People Want to Watch 

You’ve pulled together your recording equipment. You’ve chosen your game to play. You’re ready to share an amazing Let’s Play with the world. But you’ll need to do a bit of planning to pull it off. 

The best Let’s Play videos:

  • Are well produced. People must see and hear you and the game you’re playing. Adjust your settings and your delivery over and over until you get the right combination of sound and images. 
  • Showcase the unusual. Are you hoping to get famous by playing the same game others play in exactly the same way? Good luck. The best Let’s Play videos have something interesting about them. If you have a different angle than all the other Let’s Play videos out there, yours is more likely to stand out and get watched. 
  • Allow your personality to shine. Give your viewers a reason to follow you. Showcase your sense of humor, give handy tips to help others play, or otherwise let people get to know you. 
  • Don’t spoil the game. You could play from start to finish and tell your readers exactly what happens at each step. But if you do that, why would anyone come back to see you a second time? Look for ways to focus on interesting segments, highlight unusual quirks, or otherwise show things people can’t find alone. 

Share Your Let’s Play Video 

You’ve played the game to perfection, and you’ve recorded great video and audio. You’ve used software to combine everything, and you’ve edited the video to enhance the action. Now you’re ready to pop the video onto a site like YouTube.

You will need an account to get started (of course). And if your video is long, you’ll need a computer attached to high-speed internet service with good upload bandwidth. Videos with many images and a lot of processing are dense, and YouTube needs time to crunch through all the bytes. The better your upload speed, the faster you’ll get your content onto the site. 

Once your video is loaded, make sure people can find it! YouTube works like Google and other search engines. People type in keywords, and YouTube serves up content. That means you’ll need to assign the right tags to your videos.

The title of the video should include the name of the game you’re playing as well as:

  • Something interesting. Are you playing a very difficult level? Did you uncover a hack?
  • Your handle. If you’re building a brand, consider adding your name to the title to build up word recognition. 
  • The words “Let’s Play.” Technically, this isn’t necessary. Some people don’t put this word in the title. But if you have room, consider adding it. If people are looking for Let’s Play videos (as you probably are right now), you can help them find you. 

Then, tackle your description box. You can reiterate the name of the game you’re playing and your own name. You can also remind people to subscribe to your channel. That way they never miss another piece of content. 

If you’re looking for another great place to share your video content, consider signing up here at Clutch. You can upload highlights of your content here to share with our growing, gamer-focused community. The Let’s Play scene at YouTube is highly competitive, but on Clutch, you’ll find like-minded content creators here that want to help support you.

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