So, you want to make a good gaming video do ya? Well I’ve created some viral content the last few years. Some of my videos have even cracked the coveted 1k updoots on Reddit.

I’ve been able to do this multiple times and today I’m going to show you how I did it.

I’ll talk about a few of my videos that cracked 1000 upvotes. I’ll show you a few key similarities all of my posts had, and explain why they were ultimately effective.

Oh, and I’m not the only person at Clutch who’s good at this. David made a really solid video on this too!

Ready to make good gaming videos? Let’s dive right in!

Good Videos are Relatable

In this video I snipe 2 guys back to back. Then the 3rd killed me. Then I cried.

Every successful video I’ve made had one thing in common: relatability.

Not everyone is capable of getting a shroud style squad wipe, but just about everyone can miss a grenade throw and kill their whole team!

When you make a gaming video, it’s important that the audience can relate to what’s going on in the video. Otherwise, why should they care about it?

Good Videos are Funny

Everyone knows the “laughing spanish man”. But I bet you didn’t know his name is El Risitas. I used him in this video which got almost 1000 upvotes on Reddit.

If your video is funny, it is much more likely to be relatable.

Not everyone has a shroudshot, but everyone is capable of failure. Use this to your advantage when planning content.

The internet always responds well to things that bring them joy. Whether you’re on YouTube, Reddit, Clutch, or any other video sharing platform. If you can make someone laugh, they’ll be way more likely to like, comment, and share your videos.

Good Videos are Timely

R Kelly and his antics were trending when I made this video. Capitalizing on current events can vastly extend your reach.

This one isn’t as rigid as the others, but can be the most important.

While a clip of you failing in Left 4 Dead can be funny, it does not have the power of a Fortnite or Apex clip. The reason? Left 4 Dead is old news, and the newer games are more likely to get a better response online.

That said, you can make great content with older games. Just temper your expectations when it comes to exposure.

If you can get a current meme or movie clip integrated into your video, you greatly increase the chances that it will be seen by more people. 

Good Videos are the Right Length

This video got 1.1k upvotes, and it’s 30 seconds long. But it immediately greets you with “I will survive” by Gloria Gaynor. This set the tone for the video, and grabbed my audience.

Depending on the type of content you are making, you’ll want the video to be short or long.

If you’re making letsplay content, chances are you don’t want it to be 60 seconds. When making viral content, you’re going to want to trend for the shorter side.

The internet has a short attention span. Don’t believe me? Look at the “story” function on most social media sites.

Sites like SnapChat, TikTok and Vine (RIP) tailor their entire user experience around short content. This is due to the simple fact that most people do not want to invest much time in something, but they still want to be entertained.

If you can make someone relate to your video and laugh within 20 seconds, there’s a really good chance your video will succeed.

Good Videos are Focused

Like I mentioned in my earlier post “How to Upload Gaming Clips to Youtube” nobody wants to see you traipsing through the tulips. If your video does not engage the viewer immediately, they will not watch it.

Even if your video is 60 seconds long, if the first half of it is aimless sprinting, chances are they wont get to the good stuff. Focus the runtime of your content on things like matter.

Make that first joke land or start on the first kill in your squad wipe. When it comes to clipping games, a lot of people think context matters most. It doesn’t.

Even though we love to call each other idiots when tensions are high, most gamers are smart enough to infer what happened before the shooting started. Why?

Because gunfights don’t just fall out of the sky! Don’t feel the need to waste time “framing” the clip. 

Good Videos Have Good Sound and Video Quality

hoe GIF
Potato quality? I’m out.

This one should go without saying. Seriously. If your clip looks like it was filmed with a potato and the sound recorded with a Nokia phone, chances are nobody will watch your clip. And they’ll laugh at you. A lot. I am one of those people.

Recording your TV with your cellphone is not good enough. When making a good gaming video, AV quality is a sink or swim factor. If you’re looking to make use of those Xbox clips you already have, we’ve already written a post on “How to Get Captures Off Xbox.”

In Conclusion

A good gaming video should be relatable, timely, entertaining or funny, the right length, and focused. If you’re curious what these concepts look like in motion, go back and take a peek at each of the videos I told you about.

So You’ve Made a Good Video. Now what?

Upload your clips to Clutch. Clutch is the place for your gaming clips to live! There are thousands of other like minded gamers all in one place! You can enter your clips into challenges and find some friends to game using our “Playing Now” feature. What are you waiting for? Come join the Clutch family!

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