How to Record Xbox Gameplay on PC

Microsoft has made it easy for anyone to record their Xbox One and Xbox 360 gameplay onto their PC. There are a few different tools for you to choose from depending on your PC setup.

If you have Windows 10, recording and accessing your Xbox One clips is easy because of the Xbox App. 

For Windows 10 Users: How to Record Xbox One Gameplay On PC (without a capture card)

Step 1: Use the Xbox App to Access Game Clips

Your Xbox One can capture game clips while you are playing and these can be accessed from many different services including your Xbox App or the Xbox mobile app.

All of the game clips that you capture are first captured locally on your Xbox One and then uploaded to your Xbox Live account or Microsoft OneDrive.

Configuring game clip capturing

The Xbox One by default will capture the last 30 seconds of gameplay and upload it to your Xbox Live account. You can configure how long you want your clip to be and you can even manually upload to OneDrive in addition to Xbox Live from the capture section on the Xbox One

From your Xbox, press the Xbox Button and select Broadcast and Capture. From this section you can see all your captures, change advanced settings such as clip quality, default capture length, and where gameplay gets uploaded.

Step 2: Recording Xbox One gameplay

While you are gaming you press the Xbox Button followed by the X to record the last 30 seconds of game play. After you finish, the Xbox will automatically upload the game clip to your Xbox Live account.

Step 3: Accessing your game clips from the Xbox App

After your game clips are uploaded to your Xbox Live account they are made available in the Xbox mobile app and on

The Xbox App comes pre-installed on Windows 10 and can be found under All Programs in the Start Menu. You can also search for Xbox in Cortana to open it up.

Login to your Xbox Live account in the Xbox App and then click Captures on the left side. The app lets you view captures from your PC and ones uploaded to Xbox Live.

To access the clips uploaded from your Xbox One:

  • Select Xbox Live
  • Now click the Download button to download all the clips locally or select one clip and you can preview and download them individually
  • The clips you download will be available on your PC in the Videos folder

Accessing your Xbox Live game clips if you have Windows 7 or Windows 8

The Xbox App is only available on Windows 10 but there are solutions that support these older operating systems. You can use Clutch to access your Xbox One gameplay clips directly from the website or mobile app. Clutch will let you download and edit your game clips before sharing them with your friends.

Another Option: Using the Windows 10 Xbox App to Stream Gameplay to Your PC

You can also use the new Windows 10 Xbox App to get your Xbox gameplay off of your Xbox and onto your PC. You will stream your Xbox One to your PC using the Xbox App and then use the Xbox App Game DVR to record the game play.

Step 1: Enable Streaming & SmartGlass on your Xbox One

In your Xbox Settings, open Preferences > GameDVR & Streaming. From this menu enable Allow streaming to other devices.

Again from your Xbox settings, open Preferences > SmartGlass Connections. This setting needs to be set to either From any SmartGlass device or Only from profiles signed in from this Xbox. If you enable only from profiles sign in from this Xbox, then remember to make sure your Windows 10 Xbox App is signed into the game Xbox Live account.

Step 2: Connect your Windows 10 PC to your Xbox

The Xbox App comes pre-installed on Windows 10 and can be found under All Programs in the Start Menu. You can also search for Xbox in Cortana to open it up.

From the panel on the left side select Connect. The Xbox App will scan your local network to find any connected Xbox One consoles.

Once selected, the Xbox will be connected and a Stream icon will appear. Clicking Stream will start stream all video game content from your Xbox One to your Windows 10 PC. You can also launch console games from your PC by clicking on a game and clicking Play from console.

Step 3: Using Windows 10 Xbox App GameDVR to record gameplay on PC

With the Xbox One streaming gameplay to your PC, you are now ready to capture the content on your PC. You can do this using any video capture software, but the Xbox App comes with built-in capture called GameDVR. GameDVR is free software to record gameplay on your PC that comes with Windows 10 as part of the Xbox App. GameDVR allows you to capture all your game play or the last few minutes of gameplay depending on how you set it up.

While the game is streaming, click Windows key + G on your keyboard. This will pop-up the GameDVR Game Bar. Click Yes, This is a game, and a new menu will pop up. Pressing the record button will start recording your current game play. The dialog can be used to stop the recording too. The Windows key + G can show the dialog again if it disappears. 

After you are done recording your Xbox game the video will be available on your Videos folder on your PC as MP4 files.

These can be edited on your PC using any video editing software or can be uploaded to Clutch if you want to edit and share your Xbox One video game clips with anyone else.

How to record Xbox One & Xbox 360 gameplay to your PC with a capture card or capture box

You’ve probably heard about “cards” but may not know what kind of card is needed to record Xbox gameplay on PC.

The most powerful (but potentially most expensive) solution for recording Xbox One & Xbox 360 gameplay is an internal video capture card for your Desktop PC.

Using a PCIe slot or USB slot on your PC, you should be able to pick up a decent video capture card for around $150. Capture cards typically range from $50 up to $200.

With an external or internal capture card, you can plug the HDMI of your Xbox One or Xbox 360 into the capture card and then another HDMI cable can run to your gaming monitor.

The device will capture all gameplay and also share it with your TV while you game. Once connected to your PC and Xbox you use software on your PC to preview and record anything being displayed on your gaming monitor.

Popular options such as Elgato Game Capture HD60 Pro & HD60 S Pro provide Windows apps like Elgato Game Capture that are designed to work directly with your gaming card. 

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