How to Upload Gaming Clips to Youtube

So, like the boss you are, you’ve scored a sick squad wipe or double digit kills in your favorite Battle Royale. The clip is already on your phone because you followed our guide on getting clips off xbox. You figure the next destination for your clip is Youtube

Here’s how:

7 Easy Steps

  1. Open Youtube. (…duh)
  2. Tap the Camera icon. (…not as duh, but it’s a little obvious.)
  3. Select the clip from your camera roll. (I debated including this step, but I did just for you)
  4. Trim down if necessary. (The only time shorter is better. Nobody wants to see you traipsing through the tulips for 20 seconds)
  5. Enter a title and description. (Make it something saucy.)
  6. Make sure privacy is public. (Nobody will see it otherwise)
  7. Tap upload. (That’s what you read this guide to find right?)

BOOM. Your video is now on Youtube. But in Youtube’s vastness, only a small fraction of videos are sick clips. You have to punch through the noise of tutorials, unboxings, and reaction videos. Getting your videos to the eyes of gamers is tough on the Tube.

An Alternative to YouTube?

That’s where Clutch steps in. Clutch is a Social Network catered specifically to gamers. Everyone here is a gamer, so anyone watching your videos will appreciate them. Not only can you upload your videos, you can enter challenges and meet other like minded gamers. Just before I sat down to write this I saw the winning clip of our “Sick Snipes” challenge. Someone hopped into the passenger seat (while they were driving) and sniped someone out of the MOVING VEHICLE. Thousands of other gamers saw it too, and im sure we all agree it was insane. You can check it out here if you want to see it. (You really really want to see it.) 

I mentioned meeting other gamers earlier didn’t I? We figured conventional LFG systems can end up being toxic and exclusive. The environment of Clutch is nontoxic. Safe to consume.

A Home for Gamers

Rather than setting a post with rigid requirements, all you do is broadcast that you’re online! You have the option to set a status if you’d like. If you want people to know you’re rushing every shot you hear, you can make that very clear! Once you set your online status you can see every other user that is currently playing the same game. Sharing your clips and connecting with other gamers has never been easier.

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