Mixer vs. Twitch: Where Should You Stream?

Mixer Vs Twitch: Which is Better For Streaming?

So you’re considering whether you should use Mixer vs Twitch for streaming. Depending on your situation, one might be better for you than the other. We’ve got a ton of experience streaming on Mixer vs Twitch, so in this post, we’re going to help you make that decision.

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For a closer look at these pros and cons of each streaming platform in a lot more detail, read on!

Streaming on Twitch: Pros and Cons

Twitch ProsTwitch Cons
✅Biggest platform❌Hard to compete with large established accounts
✅Best tools for streamers❌Easy to get lost in the noise
✅Free Twitch Prime subs❌More trolls

There is no question that Twitch is the biggest platform for gamers to stream on in the world. Twitch boasts more then 15 million daily active users and anywhere between 2.2 and 3.2 million streamers during any given month.

Twitch is owned by Amazon and offers one free monthly subscription for its Amazon Prime users to gift to their favorite streamer (Twitch Prime). Twitch has streamers from all gaming platforms, but PC Gaming is the platform of choice for most of its users. 

Twitch: The Pros

Twitch is the gold standard. They basically created the category of streaming platforms for gaming, and they have created the biggest stars in gaming.

Biggest Twitch Streamers (data from TwitchMetrics Sept 2019)

  • Ninja – 14,714,093 followers
  • Tfue – 6,964,250 followers
  • shroud – 6,926,257 followers
  • Myth – 5,363,111 followers
  • dakotaz – 4,053,298 followers

They have great tools for their creators and for their partners. The free “Twitch Prime” subs is something nobody else can compete with at the moment. 

Twitch: The Cons

Its strength is also its weakness. Twitch is so big it’s easy to get lost in the noise. If you begin streaming there, how do people find you? What sets you apart? How do you get noticed?

This can be very hard for first time streamers on any platform, but especially on Twitch. 

The other thing is something that happens every time something gets popular: it attracts trolls! If you’re going to start streaming on Twitch, be prepared to deal with occasional negative comments.

Streaming on Mixer: Pros and Cons

Mixer ProsMixer Cons
✅Easier to get discovered ❌Not as many tools for streamers
✅Fast video with almost no delay❌Less compatibility with 3rd party applications
✅You can grow with the platform❌Harder to monetize right now

Microsoft purchased Mixer in 2016 (previously known as Beam) and has most recently made news by signing a deal with Ninja, one of the largest streamers in the world, to stream exclusively on it’s platform.

It was estimated that Mixer accounted for 3% of all hours watched gaming in Q2 of this year (before Ninja joined). We expect that number to go up significantly from Ninja alone, but it remains to be seen whether other streamers will embrace the platform.

Finally, because Mixer is owned by Microsoft, it is dominated by Xbox streamers. 

Mixer: The Pros

Mixer is a much smaller platform, this means that it’s much easier to be discovered. New streamers will find it much easier to get discovered.

Mixer also has FTL video. This is a cool technology that sets Mixer apart from Twitch when it comes to actual streaming. It means that there is a “less than 1 second delay” between your stream and the audience. That means you’re basically gaming in real time with your audience.

Mixer: The Cons

Since Mixer is new, they don’t have all the tools for creators that Twitch does. Twitch allows you to mark and highlight portions of your stream, Mixer does not.

There is also a wide array of 3rd party applications that simply do not exist for Mixer because they are so new to the space.

Mixer also doesn’t have anything comparable to Twitch Prime Subscriptions, and so it won’t be as easy to convince viewers to subscribe to your channel if you’re partnered. This all means that Mixer isn’t as easy to monetize as Twitch. 

Streaming On Mixer vs. Twitch: Which One Should You Choose?

If you’re comparing Mixer vs Twitch, and still wondering which is best for you, the answer is: it depends. Do you already have an audience on another platform? Then you should definitely bring that audience over to Twitch. The monetary benefits and tools are there for you to create something special with your already established audience.

With a large enough audience you could begin to grow your brand and stream on Twitch. They are the gold standard at the moment and you and your brand could benefit greatly from being on their platform. 

If you have no audience, we recommend starting on Mixer and growing with the platform. Microsoft has shown they are serious about competing in the space and look like they are in it for the long haul.

The difference in size makes it much easier for potential viewers to discover your channel. It is substantially easier to get new followers, particularly if you are an Xbox streamer. Mixer should be the go-to platform for new streamers.  

Keep In Mind

No matter what platform you choose to begin your streaming journey it takes patience, consistency and time to become a successful. Be smart, experiment and set yourself apart so that when people do find your stream they are entertained, connected and return for future streams. Welcome to streaming!

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