The M416 is my favorite weapon in PUBG. It is the most popular weapon in PUBG so statistically it’s likely your favorite too. So, why are YOU here? Chances are you want to get better with your favorite weapon, and you’ve seen some serious gameplay from the pros.

”But 5.56 was nerfed. Why is it still the 1st choice?” you ask yourself.

One very simple reason:


The M416 is effective at most distances and has a very reliable recoil pattern. It can be used full auto with a 4x scope with relative ease, and can still hold its own up close due to its high fire rate. It has a faster time to kill than the AKM when hitting the chest or head, and ties with the Beryl M762. A weapon that can do this damage with that level of precision is highly sought after.

(Time to kill values above are for Level 3 armor.)


So let’s get into the meat and potatoes of the guide! The M416 has the most attachments of any fully automatic rifle. With all of those attachment slots, what on earth should you use on it? In the grip slot the best choices are Vert Grip and Half Grip. The half grip is best for sustained fire at moving targets, while the Vert Grip is good in most scenarios. Especially single tapping with a scope. The Extended Quickdraw Magazine is preferred, and the Compensator is an absolute must have. One attachment I want to showcase though is the Tactical Stock. It is absolutely insane!

Tactical Stock

This attachment is the most impactful. It allows you to be more accurate overall and has numerous benefits. This affords you more accuracy from a standing position, and will save you precious moments in battle. It is the secret sauce to the big mac that is the M416. I mean, look at all of these bonuses!

20.00% Recoil Pattern Scale
10.00% ADS Speed
5.00% Recoil Recovery
10.00% Animation Kick
10.00% Sway
5% Deviation

Effective Range

So you’ve got your gun kitted to the teeth. What’s the maximum distance you should use this weapon? Well, that is a tough question depending on a few factors. What scopes do you currently have, how comfortable are you shooting at range with those scopes, and what weapons does your target have. Strictly speaking numbers, the M416 loses its upper chest time to kill advantage at 85 meters exactly. 85 meters is a good distance away, so most fully auto engagements will be within this distance. If you are 50 meters or under, you are at a DISADVANTAGE in fully automatic fights.

Accuracy > Damage

Even though your damage is higher to the chest, there is a high penalty for error up close. If your opponent is using 7.62, your chance of success is lower with a 5.56 rifle. But as you get further away, you regain the advantage from pure accuracy. Even though there is a damage drop off, you can hit your target more consistently than your enemies.     

Recoil Control

“Yeah this sounds all flowery and nice, but how come my M416 isn’t a laser like the pros?” The reason PUBG is such a rewarding game is the simple fact that all of the weapons demand respect. Even the M416 requires effort to get all of the potential out of it. The M416 can be accurate full auto even as far as 100m if you can control it. Here is an example of a shot from the rooftops of Military Base on Erangel!

This is achieved by the “Crouch and Pulldown” method. Even with no attachments, it is very effective.


This one is pretty straightforward. Crouching reduces recoil by almost 25%. If you are engaging a target beyond 25m, you should be crouching when you shoot.


This isn’t the risky method of contraception but something else entirely. When firing full auto on PUBG, pulling down the right stick proportionate to the recoil of the weapon is a top tier skill to have. The M416’s manageable recoil means you don’t have to pull down very much to get that sought after “laser” spray pattern. Go to the training area, and practice!


The training area is an underutilized tool. Some people are naturally gifted at shooters, but the rest of us normal humans need practice. If you do not practice, you can read guides all day, but chances are, you will not improve. Try crouching at the 50m target, and work to keep your bullets in the “0” This will help you shoot full auto at long range. I was able to get 2 kills at 100 meters in this example.

Conclusion (TL;DR if reading is hard)

The M416 is a jack of all trades weapon with a low barrier to entry. With that said, it still requires practice to be used at its fullest potential. But once you’ve mastered it, you will be surprised at how accurate it can really be. Remember to crouch, and pull down on that right stick for maximum effectiveness!

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