The best Twitch camera for you is one you can afford, understand, and will use. But let’s face it. Camera manufacturers make head-to-head comparisons really hard. They drown readers with technical specs, and it’s hard to know what’s crucial and what’s not.

We dug into the details, so you don’t have to.

We know you’re busy, and you want to get back to streaming. The TL;DR version of our research is in this handy table. Keep reading for a closer examination of the five cameras we picked.

 Price (Amazon)WarrantyMax Digital Video ResolutionMax Field of ViewFrame Rate
Microsoft LifeCam Cinema$703 years2880 X 1620360 degrees30 fps
Logitech C920$632 years1920 X 108078 degrees30 fps
Razer Kiyo$841 year1920 x 108081.6 degrees30 to 60 fps
Logitech Brio 4k Pro$1523 years4096 x 216090 degrees30 fps
Logitech C922$772 years1920 x 108078 degrees60 fps

1. LifeCam Cinema

Among the best Twitch streaming cameras for the budget conscious: The LifeCam Cinema from Microsoft.

The pros:

  • That swivel! No tripods or fancy equipment required, even if you want to record everything happening in the room.
  • Exceptional resolution. This camera captures at high rates, and it streams quickly too.
  • Help in low light. TrueColor technology automatically boosts exposure.

The cons:

  • Microphones required. This is not an all-in-one solution. The microphone included can let background noise seep in.
  • Windows required. Mac lovers: Be aware that this camera and your computer don’t play well together. You must also use the (hated) Internet Explorer to make this work.

2. Logitech C920

Logitech dominates lists about Twitch streaming cameras, and for good reason. While the C920 wasn’t specifically built with Twitch in mind, it has exceptional functionality gamers will love.

The pros:

  • HD glass lens. Your face will be sharp due to exceptional autofocus functionality and the five-element glass lens.
  • Light correction. Even the best camera for Twitch will work better with dedicated lights. But the C920 does include decent color-correction tools for low-light work.
  • Plenty of uses. When you’re done with your Twitch work for the day, use this camera to make calls via Skype or Facetime.
  • Powerful streaming skills. Stream at 1080p at 30 FPS. You’ll be crisp and clear the whole time.

The cons:

  • Limited field of view. This camera can only capture 78 degrees of field.
  • Fewer bells and whistles. This is a lower-priced model, and it doesn’t come with all the fancy stuff associated with more expensive models. You may long to do more.

3. Razer Kiyo

When you think about the best Twitch camera, you probably think about crisp images with a perfect circle of light in the center of the eyes of the speaker. The Razer Kiyo might be just what you’re looking for.

The pros:

  • Beautiful light. The lens of the Kiyo is encircled by a ring of light. Put it right above your eyes, and you’ll have perfect catchlights.
  • Great resolution. Stream at 1080p of resolution at 30 fps. That’s better than much of the competition.
  • Firmware updates. The company is responsive to user feedback, and firmware upgrades are made on the regular.

The cons:

  • Limited functionality. This tool was made with gamers and streamers in mind. Things that don’t support those tasks were removed. That means you can’t really use this camera for anything other than streaming.
  • Odd design. The Razer Kiyo doesn’t look like anything else out there. You won’t be able to hide your work from anyone who spots your filming space.

4. Logitech Brio Ultra HD Pro

This webcam could be the best Twitch camera for people willing to spend a bit more. It’s one of the most expensive tools on our list, coming in at almost triple what other cameras cost. But it’s undoubtedly one of the best tools out there.

The pros:

  • Strong stats. The Brio is a 4k, high-definition camera with resolution that blows all the competitors out of the water.
  • Streaming options. Choose to share 1080p at 30 fps, or upgrade to 60 fps for a smoother experience.
  • Zoom like crazy. Get up to 5x closer with the zoom capabilities. You might not use this while streaming (of course). But it could make your jump cuts on recorded vids even more powerful.

The cons:

  • The price. This is the obvious drawback. You’ll pay a lot for this camera.
  • Limited field of view. You can’t pull out to 360 with this camera.

5. Logitech C922

This beauty has long been called the best camera for streaming on Twitch. If you’re hoping for power at a low price, this could be the camera for you.

The pros:

  • Plenty of mounting options. Many of the cameras we’ve discussed clip to a computer or monitor. The C922 can do that, or you can stand it up alone or mount it on a tripod.
  • Stream with power. Choose the full setting, and stream 1080p at 30 fps, or choose the hyperfast setting at 720p at 60 fps. Mix it up and keep your fans guessing.
  • Light correction available. We maintain that serious streamers need additional lights. But the light corrections on this camera are pretty impressive.

The cons:

  • Limited warranty. Other Logitech cameras come with another year of protection.
  • Software hard sell. You’ll get three months of membership in XSplit Gamecaster. Fall in love during the trial, and you’ll have to pony up to keep it.

What’s the Best Camera for Streaming on Twitch?

Writing review articles about a good camera for Twitch is risky. People often fill up the comments section with notes about the cameras they love that we didn’t include (how dare we!).

The best camera for you depends on your gaming setup, budget, and personal preferences. We hope we’ve given you some good tips to follow as you search.


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