Top 6 Gaming Video Ideas for Youtube

So you want to start making videos on Youtube. That’s great! But now the question is, what exactly is your video going to be about? For that, you’re going to need some YouTube gaming video ideas.

There are already tons of videos in the video game genre, so whatever content you create, you want to make sure it stands out and feels original. Here is a simple list of 6 gaming video ideas to consider if you’re ever feeling stuck.

Gaming Video Idea #1: Reviews

Let’s start with one of the most simple Youtube gaming video ideas. There are a lot of video games out there. So one easy first step is making game reviews.

You can make a video where you share you opinion about gameplay mechanics, graphics, music, replayability, and more.

Another idea is to compare games to older titles or similar titles. Provide recommendations (example: if you love Zelda: Ocarina of Time, you’ll thoroughly enjoy Okami HD). Give the game an overall score, with specific reasons why. And it always helps to be clever and original with how you score.

Gaming Video Idea #2: Walkthroughs

Lots of gamer noobs require a helping hand at first. That’s why it’s a great idea to make a YouTube video that helps those players by making a video with a simple game walkthrough.

First, you should find your best game to record for YouTube. One way to do that is to find the most popular games and start there. On the YouTube gaming page, you can find what games are trending on Youtube.

But walkthroughs work best when playing a game you are already familiar with. That way, your passion and familiarity with the game will come through in the video.

Additionally, there is often a lot of competition for popular games. For example, if PewDiePie has already done a walkthrough, the chances of you making a more popular one are pretty small. But if you can provide a fresh angle or opinion, you can rack up those views.

Deliver the walkthrough with audio commentary and visuals and your viewers will be eager to return to your channel for more guidance. Break the walkthrough up into pieces; create parts or chapters. 

If you want to take it one step further, you can also create collectibles walkthroughs. Be sure to include nice, clear numbers for each collectible so viewers don’t feel lost.

Another spin-off of the general walkthrough can include hints on how to defeat certain enemies, what weapons, cars, equipment, etc. works best in specific situations, and how to even use game bugs/glitches to your advantage. You can reveal game secrets and Easter eggs and hints on how to reach them.

Gaming Video Idea #3: Theories

Everyone loves a good rumor. If you have the skills to datamine into games or have the right sources, you can provide videos that theorize where current games are heading and where future games and content could be lying in wait. 

If you look at the trending games on Youtube (example: Fortnite, Apex Legends, Overwatch), with each new season or character comes a hundred questions and theories. Make videos that highlight potential character reveals, new weapon drops, map changes, upcoming DLC or Season Passes. 

These kinds of videos require a certain amount of unsubstantiated research, so be sure to disclose that anything you are sharing should be taken with a grain of salt. They are just theories, after all!

Gaming Video Idea #4: Reaction Videos

One of the reasons people watch video game streamers is because they enjoy watching them react to situations. If you search Youtube for “reactions,” there are videos spanning from movie trailer reactions to gameplay plot twist reactions.

It’s the season of bounty with reaction videos, so as long as you can provide authentic and entertaining personal responses to gameplay, this is one video game route that can keep viewers coming back for more! (This works especially well with horror games, if you can stomach it.)

Gaming Video Idea #5: Top 10 Lists

Another good Youtube gaming video idea is creating relatable and entertaining top 10 lists. These can range from top 10 best horror games, to top 10 worst video game characters.

Look at games with the best graphics, best storylines, worst vehicle mechanics – honestly, the lists are never-ending! Throw in some music and graphic visuals and you’ll be sure to have viewers following you and coming back for future lists you come up with.

Gaming Video Idea #6: Compilations

Sometimes people are just wanting to be entertained. If you want to provide something other than how-to’s and walkthroughs, you can create well-structured compilations and montages of specific genres.

Everyone loves a good fail, so compile all the hilarious fails clips in one location! Have a stockpile of epic headshots? Make a compilation of all those dome-popping clips for viewers to enjoy! 

There is no end to the possibilities. Stunts, killstreaks, amazing goals – whatever games you enjoy playing, start putting those clips together into exciting compilations! Viewing results will be best if you choose what games are trending on Youtube. That way you know what people are already eager to watch.

Whatever You Do, Make Your YouTube Gaming Video a Passion Project

The most important thing to remember here is no matter what you decide to do, it has to be important to you. Audiences can quickly pick up on Youtube content creators’ authenticity, so if you aren’t enjoying what you’re creating, chances are they won’t either.

Don’t simply copy what others are doing; make your content stand out by being yourself. And if you ever feel stuck and have no good gaming video ideas, then come back here and pick something else from the list.

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