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NoScope Gaming Launches NSG Arena

NoScope Gaming

NoScope Gaming has officially announced the launch of their new esports venture that will host university championships in India called NSG Arena, which is an event series focusing on different in-person tournaments and activations.

NSG Arena, which is not a physical venue, kicked off during Kharagpur’s Spring Fest 2023.

NoScope Gaming is working with  FLAME University and the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur, to develop a college esports scene, and NoScope has announced at least 10 new NSG Arena events, all taking place within India, in collaboration with educational institutions.

“Our mission is to bring university esports in India to the global map, for that we are bringing international presence to India to  develop esports culture in schools, colleges & universities” Deepesh Solanki, Director NoScope Gaming said in an release.

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