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tiktok creator news tiktok creator news

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A TikToker has gone viral for her claims that working an office job will make you look fat and ugly, sparking an online debate...

kick kick

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Popular streamer Jack Doherty has been banned from the Kick video game streaming platform after an incident in one of his recent Kick streams...

Pokimane Pokimane

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Pokimane, considered to be one of the most popular female streamers in the industry, has recently launched a brand new podcast called ‘The Don’t...

twitch twitch

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Twitch streaming superstar Kai Cenat is taking aim at YouTuber and social media influencer Logan Paul for calling fellow streamer/creator JiDion “two-faced” and is...

meta meta

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Meta has officially announced some brand new Reels ad options that are aimed to help more businesses tap into the popularity of the short...


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Popular AI content toll ChatGPT will be making a switch to a freemium model that offers a new paid tier to give users better...

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