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#1 Backflip backflip sniper winner

The regular back flip wasn’t enough, so I had to go and hit a flippin’ sexy while back flipping to get another game winner. Also, 13 kills with a trickshot last kill😂 this is a submission for the Fortnite snipes so if you see it give it 5 STARS!😇
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10 months ago
nice one bro 8 months ago
Thanks man @SSwavy 7 months ago
wow congrats on first place challenge winner 7 months ago
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Welcome to another Fortnite Friday Challenge!


Alright Battle Bus boys and girls, show us your most ridiculous snipes! Think you got the farthest shot? Quickest scope? Trickiest no scope? Prove it here with your sniping clips!

Usable weapons: Bolt-Action, Suppressed Sniper, Heavy Sniper, Thermal and Scoped AR, Hunting Rifle, and Scoped Revolver


  • One (1) submission per person
  • Must be your clip
  • No Playground Mode
  • No copyrighted music
  • Trim your clips -- focus on the good stuff! Must be under 45 seconds
  • Caption and description will not be visible during voting so don't worry about them


  • The winning clip will be be added to every Clutch user's home feed giving it maximum exposure!
  • The top clips will be featured here on the Challenge page once voting has ended.
  • All winning clips will have a permanent badge showing the rank they received in the challenge.

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