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#1 Quad x2 into a killchain

If you guys like what you see be sure to follow for live gameplay on 9 months ago
Thank you @dholder06260 9 months ago
Omg 6 months ago
Bad ass sniping 💪 6 months ago
Dude is a monster 🙌🏽 6 months ago
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Welcome to the 8th COD: Black Ops 4 challenge!

Supreme Scopes

Quickest scope in the west? Steadiest hand in the land? Well, time to prove it. For this challenge, we're interested in seeing how you handle your sniper rifles! We don't care how you do it, but we're giving you 45 seconds to show us why the enemy should fear you!


  • One (1) submission per person
  • COD: Black Ops 4 Clips only
  • Clips should showcase a sniper kill
  • Must be your clip
  • No copyrighted music
  • Trim your clips -- focus on the good stuff! Must be under 45 seconds
  • Caption and description will not be visible during voting so don't worry about them


  • The winning clip will be shared with every Call of Duty player on Clutch!
  • The top clips will be featured here on the Challenge page once voting has ended.
  • All winning clips will have a permanent badge showing the rank they received in the challenge.
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