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#Full Send
Completed 11 months ago

Welcome to another Global Challenge!

It happens every so often: that moment where everything is stacked against you, but somehow, miraculously... you come out on top! For this challenge, submit clips of your greatest close calls! Near fatal encounters, last-minute saves - it was either you or them, and you went Full Sender on them.


  • One (1) submission per person.
  • Must be your clip.
  • Clips must clearly show a close call where you avoid something bad from happening.
  • No montages
  • No custom matches or playground modes
  • No copyrighted music.
  • Trim your clips -- focus on the good stuff! Must be 60 seconds or under.
  • Caption and description will not be visible during voting so don't worry about them.


  • The winning clips will be be added to every Clutch user's home feed giving it maximum exposure!
  • The top clips will be featured here on the Challenge page once voting has ended.
  • All winning clips will have a permanent badge showing the rank they received in the challenge.

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Clutch is shutting down
The Clutch service will be shut down on August 14th, 2020. Until then you can download your clips individually or in bulk from your profile on For more information visit our blog.