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#1 One Punch gottt rekted

This morning I was farming this dude for the gun
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2 months ago
this is funny 2 months ago


Welcome to the first Borderlands 3 Challenge!


Children of the Vault! Let your might shine forth by submitting your most bombastic, most explosive, most jaw-dropping, carnage-filled clips you can muster! No holds barred, Everything on the table. Show us what it means to be a true vault hunter! The more explosions and bullets, the better!


  • One (1) submission per person.
  • Borderlands 3 CLIPS ONLY
  • Must be your clip.
  • No copyrighted music.
  • No montages.
  • Trim your clips -- focus on the important stuff! Must be 60 seconds or under.
  • Caption and description will not be visible during voting so don't worry about them.


  • The winning clip will be shared with every Borderlands 3 player on Clutch!
  • The top clips will be featured here on the Challenge page once voting has ended.
  • All winning clips will have a permanent badge showing the rank they received in the challenge.

All Winners

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