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P U S H (D2 clip + teaching notes)

This is a great clip to learn from - let’s break it down:

- The first GL kill is an isolated Guardian near a spawn. Nobody else in sight, time to push.

- My route toward spawn included staying behind cover just in case a group headed my way. Which they did!

- GL kills two and three benefited from shared detonation damage (which was why I delayed finishing off #3) so we keep moving.

- Grenade at head level as the next target appears, hoping to distract and confuse while I add fire.

- I thought kill four would be the left-side Guardian up the stairs, but had to switch targets once they found cover.

- Killing the right-side Guardian gave me Desperado, which helped melt the one who got health back while behind cover.

- My super shows up just in time as more Guardians spawn, so I duck behind cover to pop it and start another push.

- A really good grenade ends up taking me out, but not before I nail one peeking out around a doorway. 💯
12 days ago
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