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Giveaway at 10k ❗️repost‼️ comment name ‼️

Doing a $20 Xbox or PSN I know the video shows Xbox but if the winner wants psn then I’ll give that person that! But wanted to do a giveaway nothing to crazy but just to show my appreciation to Clutch and the Clutch fam and the people I tag in this post literally have put in work on clutch hands down saw these people rise really quick! Go drop a follow repost this video and please comment and follow to be Entered to win!!












3 days ago
You guys are all entered ! Good luck! 2 days ago
@ATalentedDad thank you 2 days ago
@ATalentedDad @ELA Xbox GT: iiX B0T Xii (The o Is A Zero) 2 days ago
On Xbox I’m: born like a PRO 16 hours ago
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