How to get featured

  1. Quality matters. This should be obvious, but the more likes, views, and comments (and the influence of the people liking, viewing, and commenting) the higher the algorithm will rank your clip.
  2. Experiment and learn. You should try posting different types of clips at different times of the day to maximize the response you get from your followers.
  3. Try other games. Some games (*ahem* Fortnite) are becoming extremely competitive. If you’re having trouble getting featured in a particular game, try posting clips for another game.
  4. Don’t cheat. If the system catches you making fake accounts for any reason (i.e. to like your own posts or to squat on usernames), you will be penalized and could get permanently blacklisted by the algorithm. Mass unfollowing gamers will hurt your top poster ranking.
  5. Invite your friends! Your friends are the best way to build an early following. Just make sure they use their own phones to sign up, comment, and like; or the system will flag their accounts as fake. Having them connect a few social accounts (such as Facebook) helps too.

Becoming a Top Poster

  1. Post often--daily at least. The algorithm favors people who post at least once per day. It doesn’t matter how many clips you post per day but you should post one at least.
  2. Get featured. See the section above for details.
  3. Be a good community member. Take time to like, comment, and follow other gamers who are posting great clips. The more positive and visible you are, the more others are likely to return the favor. Also, don’t mass unfollow many gamers at once; it will hurt your rank.
Email as at if you have any questions!