Team Roles

Each member of a team has one of three roles:

  • Member
    • Add posts - Each time a Member creates a new post, they may choose which teams it will be added to (in addition to appearing on their own profiles).
  • Manager - have all the permissions of a Member and the following:
    • Remove posts - Managers may remove posts from the team regardless of who added them. Removing a post from the team does not delete the actual post.
    • Choose featured posts - Managers may choose which posts appear in the featured player for the team.
    • Invite members - Managers may send invitations to their followers.
    • Remove members - Managers may remove Members (but not Owners or other Managers) from the team.
    • Accept membership requests - For teams that allow users request to join, managers may accept or reject requests.
  • Owner - have all of the permissions of a Manager and the following:
    • Change member roles - Owners may change the role of a Manager or Member (but not other Owners).
    • Edit team details - Owners may change the team name, color, and shield image. They may also change other settings such as allowing users to request to join.
    • Delete team - Owners may delete the team.
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