Importing clips from Xbox

Recording clips on Xbox

You can record the last 30 seconds of play by pressing the Xbox button, then pressing X. If you have Cortana enabled, you can also just say "Cortana record that".

To record more than 30 seconds, press the Xbox button, then press the back button. You can then select the number of seconds, or minutes, you'd like to save.

Importing to Clutch

For most people, just connecting your gamertag will allow us to access your clips. But sometimes you have a privacy setting that prevents that.

Check your clip uploaded to Xbox Live

  1. From Home, go to My games & apps > Apps > Upload Studio.
  2. Select Manage your clips.
  3. The default filter shows everything already published on Xbox Live.
  4. To see clips you’ve captured but not yet uploaded, select the filter On Xbox Live and choose On this Xbox.

Check your privacy settings on your Xbox

  1. Select Settings from the guide by scrolling left on the Home screen.
  2. Select All Settings.
  3. Under Account, select Privacy & online safety.
  4. Select Custom and then View details & customize.
  5. Scroll right to See your game clips.
  6. Choose Everybody, Friends I choose, or Block.