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ImperialHal Hits Out Over ‘OverPowered’ Storm Point Armories in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends pro player Philip ‘ImperHal’ Dosen discussed the IMC Armories on Storm Point being overpowered, and believes that they would have been suited to World’s Edge. The Armories have been a popular spot for gamers and esports players as you can earn a lot of loot for a little bit of work.

“They need to, like, actually make that armory a challenge and not like the freest f**king loot in the game” said during a YouTube video. “Those armories are literally like a POI in itself,” he continued and pointed out that teams can get decent shields and health supplies for around a minute’s worth of work.

“I don’t understand why they added those things to this map (Storm Point) when it has the best loot out of any map instead of like the sh**tier maps” he said. “Like, World’s Edge, why didn’t they add that to World’s Edge?”

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