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Everyone is Capable of Greatness 馃弳 Just Gotta Clip It. Team iSLAP - MLG Goals

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Why We Play 馃憡 For Clips Like This 馃獡

4k + Assassination #cod #modernwarfare #callofduty #search Hate on Me for using the 725. I really Try to use it only for Close Quarters. Use it or be killed by it. who wants them to get rid of it? Gonna be Nerfed with Next Patch 4 days ago
Fucking take it easy on them 馃ぃ 4 days ago
When you鈥檙e in full control of the match馃槀馃槀馃挴馃挴馃挴馃憡馃徎 4 days ago
No shame in using it. Just like you said if u don鈥檛 use it you鈥檒l be killed by it 4 days ago
Good stuff man. We need to wreck some more again. 馃憣馃徏 4 days ago
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